Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling

Life is far more stressful when we are alone in the boat. Allow me to join you through your process of self-improvement. I'll listen to you, validate what you're going through, and provide my insight into how to best proceed in accordance with your values. Sometimes I'll even give you additional skills and resources to keep your head afloat.

Couple's Counseling

Relationships are always complicated especially when romantic feelings are involved. In couple's counseling, I will help you and your partner advance and grow either together or apart, in a peaceful and respectful manner. We will practice effective communication skills, and you and your partner will gain deeper awareness of how to meet each other's needs.

Family Therapy

Every family has its own culture, dynamics, and flow, which can easily get interrupted by unforeseen challenges. While working with me, I will acclimate myself to your family's style, and work with all of you to identify opportunities to deepen bonds and repair imbalances. We will learn about healthy boundary setting, and also explore where more flexibility needs to occur. Let me assist you in helping your family become a team again.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How long is this going to take?"

Counseling is a process of guided self-discovery. It requires willingness to look at oneself honestly and sympathetically. Sometimes people find the answers they are looking for quickly; other times, the process is more complicated, and requires more effort for results to take place. Ultimately, there is no one set amount of time required for counseling to be effective.