Intimacy & Relationship Issues

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Great sex is nurtured by strong communication, trust, respect, and acceptance. Because intimacy is often perceived as a taboo topic for couples to explore, many couples settle for sex lives that are less than satisfactory. Some signs that sex is negatively impacting a relationship may include:

  • Disappointment in oneself or the relationship

  • An overall sense of disconnection between partners

  • One or both partners feeling unwanted, rejected, or neglected

  • Partners feeling that sex is boring, repetitive, or burdensome

People seek counseling around issues of intimacy if they are seeking a change in their private lives; therapy can take place with either one or both partners involved. Sex is often considered to be the pulse of a romantic relationship. If you are seeking to forge a deeper bond with your partner, or just feel more comfortable in your own skin, counseling may provide the path you are looking for. 

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