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Intimacy & Relationship Issues

Are you even listening to me?

Our greatest investment in life are our romantic relationships. We will retire from our jobs one day, our children will eventually leave our homes and gain independence, but our partners are there to ideally remain by our sides through it all. The question is, as we age and life unfolds, how will our partners look at us? What will they feel about us? Will we grow together or be apart? 

During couple's counseling, I will arm you and your partner with a toolbox of skills to utilize in improving your communication with one another. We will do this before opening up the past, so that when we do process everything that's happened, you will have the skills needed to actually work through it, instead of continuing to perpetuate a dysfunctional cycle. Many patients have told me that couple's counseling with me is different, because I am very unbiased, and willing to call out things that aren't working in a kind and supportive manner.

Can we talk about sex?

Great sex is nurtured by strong communication, trust, respect, and acceptance. Because intimacy is often perceived as a taboo topic for couples to explore, many couples settle for sex lives that are less than satisfactory. Some signs that sex is negatively impacting a relationship may include:

  • Disappointment in oneself or the relationship

  • An overall sense of disconnection between partners

  • One or both partners feeling unwanted, rejected, or neglected

  • Partners feeling that sex is boring, repetitive, or burdensome

People seek counseling around issues of intimacy if they are seeking a change in their private lives; therapy can take place with either one or both partners involved. Sex is often considered to be the pulse of a romantic relationship. If you are seeking to forge a deeper bond with your partner, or just feel more comfortable in your own skin, counseling may provide the path you are looking for. 

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